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For some locations in St Helens, the reception takes place in the same function room as where you eat the meal. In these circumstances, friends and family tend to be asked to move into a bar facility as the function room staff turn the function suite, and our wedding disco erects the disco. For larger hotels and castles, an additional room for your function is set aside for your evening wedding reception and the wedding disco or live wedding band can be prepared for you to transfer to it following the wedding meal.

The fashion for bride & grooms to decide to get married in the wedding reception function room is becoming especially standard and the excellent news is that numerous places in St Helens are now licensed with the authorities for this purpose. If this is your option in which case you will aim choose to sort out background music for the wedding ceremony. The right music can enhance the entire event. Check with your wedding DJ if they would be able to provide this.

When all the guests are sat ready for the meal, the happy couple could be introduced into the room. A specially selected tune can contribute to the ambiance. Some bride and grooms in St Helens decide to get the whole wedding party introduced into the function suite to an individual piece of music. Your chosen wedding DJ is always able to sort this out.

Ensure your ideal wedding DJ in St Helens has all the correct certificates. Some function suites could be very stringent on third party suppliers and insist on seeing licences and certificates ahead of allowing them to set their disco up. Licences that usually get asked for are Public Liability Insurance and Portable Appliance Test.

Consider the funds you have already paid on your wedding celebration and the bearing the DJ has on making your wedding day exactly how you planned it. If a close relative agrees to provide it for £100 under the price of a professional wedding DJ, think again before going for the lower charge. For a large amount of wedding celebrations it is the collective hard work of many pros that ensure your wedding day is unforgettable. Your evening wedding reception is as essential, so selecting a Wedding DJ in St Helens is a reliable investment decision.

Our wedding DJs in St Helens comply with an exact ethics code that is determined by good professional procedures. Our DJs are fully committed to providing a superior service of wedding disco for your special day.

Many of the wedding DJs in St Helens provide you with the option of submitting a 'must play' track list (of between 10 to 15 tunes) and selecting music from favourite genres that should be played on the evening, and in addition any tunes that must be avoided.