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Nearly all wedding DJs in Wirral offer to hold a face to face meeting ahead of your wedding reception to talk about the arrangements. You'll have opportunity to discuss your preferred musical genres and what you think your guests will want to dance to.The DJ will a;so want to know your timings and facts about you and your guests to allow him/her to tailor the service specifically for you.

Always insist that your wedding DJ in Wirral presents a contract. If a DJ is serious about his DJ company, he will want a contract and a booking fee. The written agreement should offer protection that he'll turn up at your wedding and will present for the timings you have agreed on. If there isn't a deposit or booking agreement, there's nothing to ensure he will turn up for your event.

The wedding DJs in Wirral are happy to supply music throughout your wedding day. You're able to choose any genre from orchestral to instrumental love songs. If space is an issue, your wedding DJ may be willing to offer a scaled down disco set up configured to fit neatly into the corner, but still produce a high quality of sound. For the speeches, check with your wedding disco if he/she is able to supply any microphones.

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